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Q: You can find many sites on Arka in the internet. Which are the official sites?
A: The official sites are any sites which are linked by Conlinguistics Conference. The other sites are not official. Their contents can be wrong.
You can only count on the official sites because there are trolls which make statements against the fact.

Q: Can I make derivative works by using Arka and Kaldia?
A: Yes. Using, copying, editting, creating derivative works, advertising, selling, commercial use and collecting are welcome.
You do not have to get our permission before using them, but we will be very pleased if you tell us that you used them by e-mail or bulletin board. You can use any contents on this site freely. You do not have to care about copyrights.

Q: Who made Arka?
A: Various people like labors and students made it. Above all Seren Arbazard is the leading figure.
In Kaldia's myth, Axet, the heroes who defeated demons, made Arka.

Q: What are the good things of Arka?
A: Arka is the most elaborate a priori conlang in the world and has its own elaborate conworld, Kaldia. We have not ever seen such an elaborate conlang.
It started in 1991, so more than 20 years have passed. It is also a good thing of Arka.

Q: What do you want readers to do for Arka and Kaldia?
A: Derivative works by using Arka and Kaldia are welcome. For exapmle, if you draw a picture based on our works such as "Book of Xion" or draw a comic based on them, we are very pleased. Copyrights of derivative works belong to the creator, not us. Please ask us by e-mail or bulletin board when you want to have your Arka texts corrected.
It is also welcome that you make mention of Arka or Kaldia on your twitter or blog or site. However, it is awfully pushy to foist them on anybody who is not interested in them.

Q: How can I make contact with the author of Arka?
A: Here is our e-mail address. You can talk about Arka and Kaldia with us. Indivisuals are welcome.