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What's Arka's features?

1) It is an elaborate a priori conlang.

2) It has an elaborate a priori conculture.

Languages are related to cultures.
In Western world, wolves are regarded as a fierce animal, but in Kaldia, they are regarded as a well-trained soldier.
It means that Arka has its own conculture.

3) It has an elaborate a priori conclimate.

Kaldia has its own conclimate.
Arka is used mainly in Arbazard. Arbazard is like France.
People in Arbazard live on wheat, not rice. So a loaf of bread and a slice of bread are distinguished by 2 words, pof and koka.
On the other hand, they don't distinguish rice from rice plant. It is because they don't live on rice.
As above stated, languages are related to climates. And Arka has its own conclimate.

Arka's conculture is called Antis.
Arka's conclimate (the whole planet) is called Atolas.
Conworlds consist of concultures and conclimates.
Arka's conworld is called Kaldia.

4) Arka has all apriority. There is no other language which is created so elaborately in the world.