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One of my co-authors had advertised our language abroad under the chief author's name for more than a year, but I heard that the person caused a trouble. I had been uploading the person's translation to our sites, but I quitted doing it because of the trouble.

Arka is a constructed language which is used in an imaginary world and the actual world.
Our imaginary world is called Kaldia. It is similar to the Earth in many ways.

Arka and Kaldia started in 1991 in Japan.
Arka is an a priori conlang (naturalistic artlang to be exact) with more than 16,000 words and its own conworld, Kaldia.

It is strange that a conlang which exists in a conworld has words from English or Japanese, etc.
It is, however, very difficult and tiresome to create a whole vocabulary from scratch, so most conlangs have an a posteriori or a small a priori vocabulary.
Some conlangs have a large a priori vocabulary, but most of them tend to lack words originating etymylogically in their conworld or conculture, or otherwise tend to be engelangs (like John Wilkins' Real Character).
Therefore Arka is rare in that it has a large a priori vocabulary (more than 16,000 words) based on its conworld (Kaldia) and conculture.

Arka is an artlang spoken in Kaldia, but it is spoken in the Earth, too.
The founders are more than 30 people with different mother tongues like Japanese, Finnish, Esthonian, Ukrainian, French and German.
The learners of Arka are from various countries like Japan, Korea, China, UK and USA.
Currently the number of the learners reaches triple figures.

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If you have some spare time, please take a look at "Features of Arka" and 語法論――人工言語の見えない心臓. We recommend "Guide for Learners," too.


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"Book of Shion": ISBN:978-4-902218-70-1
"Conlinguistics and the Arka Language": ISBN:978-4-902218-77-0

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