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Long syllable = CVCC, CVVC and so on = S
Short syllable = CVC = H
Long mora = CV = M
Short mora = C = L

Accent Table

Here's the accent table of Arka.

Rule 1: 1) is stronger than 5)

1) accent on the 2nd S
2) accent on the 2nd or 3rd H
3) accent on the 3rd M
4) accent on the 2nd M
5) accent on the 4th mora

HLM can be SM, but it can't be HS.
MLH can't be MS. MLM can't be MH.

MML can be MH.

Rule 2

HMH and MMH can't be accented by rule 1. So there is rule 2.

X is a strong syllable. Y is a weak syllable. The vowel "ai" is X while "ia" is Y, for example.

1) HMH: har/dI/gan: M is accented like "armalet" and "artales."
2) HX: har/dAin: X is strong, so X is accented.
3) HY: hAr/dian: Y is weak, so Y isn't accented. The former syllable is accented instead.

About MMH.
Like Amalis, Atolas, agEit, kAmian, rIdian.

1) MMH: A/ma/lis, A/to/las: M is accented.
2) MX: a/gEit: X is accented like "elEin."
3) MY: kA/mian, rI/dian: Y isn't accented. The former syllable is accented instead.

amai isn't MX.
aria isn't MY. It's MMM, not MMH.

The Table of Rule 2


These rules are not valid for loan words. e.g. flanflEr (summur in Lutia). You can check exceptions by consulting the dictionary.