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Arka has 7 aspects; sat, kit, -(o)r, -(i)k, -(e)s, took, ilt

fai (burn)

fai (faim): to burn
fai xa: be burning

fai sat: ready to burn something
fai kit: put fire to something
fair: putting fire to something
faik: ignite
fais: be burning
fai took: finish burning
fai ilt: the fire is gone but ash or heat are still staying

skin (seat)

skin (skinem): to sit
skin xa: to seat

skin sat: ready to seat himself
skin kit: bending his back to seat himself
skinor: his hip is descending toward a chair
skinik: his hip has reached the chair
skines: he is sitting
skin took: he starts to stand up
skin ilt: the chair is warm and it indicates he was here