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Well, I'll teach you about the pronouns of Arka.
They are like "I," "you," "he" and "it."

You said they were confusing, right? Just tell me easy and important ones.
First of all, what are the pronouns for non-living things?
I mean, "this," "that" and "it."

"This" is "tu," while "that" is "le."
We don't have "it."

OK, "tu" and "le." Ah, you taught me "tu" the other day.
Then, what are the pronouns for living things like "I"?

"I" is "an," while "you" is "ti."
Both "he" and "she" are "lu." "lu et xion" means "She is Shion."
"lu" indicates the person who is near the speaker, whereas "la" indicates the person who is NOT near the speaker.

You mean "lu" is "this person," while "la" is "that person."
"S/he" is separated into "lu" and "la" as "this" and "that" are distinguished from each other.
Well, the pronouns of Arka don't seem so confusing so far.

Oh, I get it. There are various pronouns like "I," "my," "me" and "mine" as in English and German, right?

No, There are only "I" and "my" in Arka.
"Me" and "I" are "an," while "my" and "mine" are "ant."
There are two kinds of pronouns like "I" and "my," "you" and "your," "he" and "his." I'll make a chart for you.

I an my ant
you ti your tiil
he, she, this person lu his, her, this person's luut
he, she, that person la his, her, that person's laat
this tu of this (its) tuul
that le of that (its) leet

All of them on the right side seem to end up with "l" or "t."
Maybe it's true that they are irregular, but they seem easier than "I," "my," "me" and "mine" in English. So I don't find them so difficult.

The pronouns I listed are the most ordinary ones.
I told you that girls tend to use "te" instead of "de" when they use the negative copula.
Arka speakers use various wording. What are important are who is speaking and to whom s/he is talking.
The pronouns have much influence on the wording of the speaker. Let's take a look at the chart below. Girls tend to use these pronouns.

I non my noan
you tyu your tuan
he, she, this person lu his, her, this person's luut
he, she, that person la his, her, that person's laat
this tu of this (its) tuul
that le of that (its) leet

I see. The pronouns vary considerably from person to person.
But looking closer, only "I," "my," "you" and "your" vary.

Girls like you and me tend to call ourselves "non," while the other girls call themselves "yuna" or "noel."
Boys also use various pronouns, and even gender-neutral people and non-living things with a soul have their own pronoun. So, there are 12 kinds of pronouns in all.
By the way, the most difficult point of Arka's grammar lie in this chart of the pronouns.

What the heck is this!?
The pronouns really vary from person to person...! But they are useful in distinguishing the personality of the speakers.

Each pronoun has its plural form; "we" is "ans," while "our" is "antes."
Of course, the plural forms vary from person to person. Cute girls with an introverted nature tend to call themselves "lena" (we) and use the word, "lenan" (our).

OK, you were right. The pronouns of Arka is soooooooooooo confusing.

Yes, but you only have to remember the "an-line" and the "non-line" in ordinary life. I mean you don't have to remember all of the pronouns.
Also note that, as you said before, thanks to these affluent pronouns, Arka can show the colorful personality of the speakers.

I wonder English native speakers would accept the expressive power of Arka's pronouns.