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Today I brought my friend Alia.

soonon :)
I heard you are learning Arka, Shion.

Hi, the great fortune-teller! How're you doing?

Why are you speaking English, though you live in Atolas!?

Nothing is impossible for me :) The great fortune-teller does know everything.
Ask the crystal ball and you get to know everything.

I'm sure most fortune-tellers can't do such a thing.

Hey, and I'm sure one of the good things of "Book of Shion" is to put away expediency from the substance of the book, right?
So, why are you speaking English, huh?

haan, xom xenon xook fan al axel kokko arka hot, nee lein, nonno?
(OK. Let's communicate with each other using just Arka, then. It's easier for us, right, Lein?)
saa, noel jins vil toal iskan rok sarlots t'inar atu e(axte
(I wonder how many readers will quit reading this article)

OK, my bad! Would you please speak in English!?

All right.
I don't wanna listen to your crap anymore. I'll teach you about the accent of Arka today.

You just said "crap"??

On which syllable do you think do we stress the word Arbazard?
The answer is you can accent the word on any syllable.

It means you don't have to remember which is the accented syllable in Arka? Then it's easier than English.
...No, it's rather confusing because you don't know where to put the accent.
Are there any rules?

Of course there are. Every dialect has its own way to accent words.
There are about three dialects in Arbazard.
Alia and I speak Northern-Arka and its way of accent is similar to that of Japanese or Latin.

Japanese? But it has many dialects.
She meant Tokyo dialect.

I see. Do you stress the word Arbazard on the third syllable, then? You know, like arbaZARD?

Yup. You only have to stress words like you do in Japanese or Latin.
Remember, it's OK even if you stress words on the wrong syllable because you can accent words on any syllable in Arka fundamentally.

I could show you the rules of accent, but it's too difficult for you to understand now.
There are exceptions to the rules, but you'll be able to know where to put an accent, consulting Arka-dictionary.