Inverse Proportion between Business and Elaborateness (IPBE)

Inverse Proportion between Business and Elaborateness (IPBE)

Category: Phenomenon Theory

Phenomena that elaborateness of conlangs or conworlds and possibility on business of conlangs are often in inverse proportion. It is an often-observed phenomenon especially for ART.
If conlangers get Contentism, they ultimately end in failure. It is not possible for a conlanger to make various contents by himself as well as a professional. And if he outsources the production to experts for high quality, it costs a fortune. Then he thinks “I wish a company use my conlang and conworld”. But well-made conlangs or conworlds themselves are already an original work, so companies can’t have room for making some alterations to the conlangs or conworlds. Conlangs (especially, for ART & IMG) already have a background world and the world might be against the contents which the companies want to make. Plus, it is usually hard for conlangers whose main occupation is conlanging to make attractive (well-selling) conworlds. Their conlangs aren’t usually suitable for business. (cf. 『紫苑の書』)
On the other hand, companies which can make good contents don’t know how to make conlangs well. They should ask conlangers to make good ones, but it takes a long time to make elaborate conlangs and the companies can’t wait because of a deadline and budget. So employees of the companies or subcontractors often make instant conlangs and say “That’s it” like beginners of conlanging do. Customers of the companies are an ordinary person and don’t care about elaborateness of conlangs, so instant conlangs are enough for them. E.g. Al Bhed language of “Final Fantasy X”.

There’re some conlangs and conworlds with good elaborateness which sold well like Elvish languages in The Lord of the Rings and Klingon language of Star Trek. In such cases, conlangs are usually just spice of the contents at first, and later (after the contents become famous), the conlangs are made elaborately afresh.


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