Category: Individual Theory

Those who make examples which are against theories, statistics, trends (tides) intentionally with malice. It is one of the reasons why linguists usually won’t study Conlinguistics.
Linguistics has revealed that SVO and SOV are more favored than the other basic word orders. There are several theories about the number of languages in the world; e.g. around 5000 languages. If conlangers make 10 thousand instant conlangs which have OSV, the effort of linguists on linguistic typology will be in vain. And linguists hate it.
In 2013, an Arka supporter boosted how Arka’s vocabulary was large, then a conlanger (strictly speaking, a troll) who hates Arka found it upsetting and made a conlang named オーレー語 (Ōrē language). It comes from a Japanese word ore (I). He automatically made random words with his PC, related them to articles on Wikipedia mechanically and insisted he had made 100 thousand words. The words are, of course, not a word but just an address to an article on Wikipedia, so the anonymous troll ended in being humiliated. What he wanted to do was to criticize Arka badly with malice against Arka’s fame or trends in Japanese conlanging world. And he is a good example of perverse.



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